Teacher PD Workshops

Do you want to inspire, engage and upskill your team on a school development day or after school during term? Bright Happy Schools game-changing 90 minute workshops are the answer.

    We come to you, with a range of interactive workshops, including:
  • Enabling Growth Mindsets
  • Cultivating Grit and Self Regulation
  • Building Optimistic Thought Patterns
  • Identifying and Building Strengths
  • Increasing Gratitude
  • Practising Positive Communication

Key elements of each workshop are:

  • Overview of recent research on the topic
  • Fun, engaging activities to help you learn and apply the topic
  • Tips, ideas and strategies for student activities and other ways to weave the principle into your classroom/school

Student Workshops

We run engaging student workshops in key areas of positive education, including:

  • Brain game-changers (growth mindsets, grit and gratitude)
  • Strengths and superpowers (identifying and building strengths)
  • Stress less study (stress and anxiety management)
  • Make it a great day (the power of positive thinking)

Depending on your needs, bespoke workshops can be built to meet the needs of your students.

Contact us to find out more about our whole-school approach to future-proofing our youth and living a life of meaning and purpose.