“I have been a client of Gow Learning for more than eight years. In my present role I have worked closely with Gow in instituting a program designed to embrace values and behaviour commensurate with world’s best practice. I am delighted to report that the (Inside Out) program has been made available to all of our employees and has been received very well and has set our corporate path in a positive, innovative and successful direction. Gow has demonstrated a level of professional expertise and customer orientation in building and delivering this program that would be enviable by their competitors. I unhesitatingly recommend Gow and look forward to their assistance in the continuing advancement of our Corporation.”

Gow Learning International was established as a non-profit public educational institution by Dr Robert Gow in 1996.

As a registered training organisation, Gow Learning was an early pioneer in flexible delivery of learning and assessment in vocational education and training. In 2005 Gow Learning started implementing Inside Out programs based on positive psychology for organisations (positive organisational scholarship).



Given the educational background of Gow Learning, this social learning platform was extended for schools and educators. Bright Happy Schools is an innovative learning initiative aimed at capturing and structuring the informal learning of teachers in addition to enabling participation in positive education and parenting initiatives.